Top 10 Essential Oils

& Their most common uses


Cleansing, detoxifying in water.

Great to use as a natural cleaner in the home


All things calming.

A great oil to support restful sleeping naturally soothing for skin conditions, bites, burns etc. Lovely to add to the bath and a wonderful versatile oil for children


Cooling and refreshing.

One drop is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea (so very potent) Supports the digestive system, wards off sugar cravings and soothes any head tension. Also acts as a natural repellant.

Melaleuca (tea tree)

Great first aid for the skin.

Great first aid for the skin. Researched for its anti fungal properties (this is a great oil for use on the feet and toenails or to support elimination of athletes foot) Use on the scalp to help with dandruff and as a periodic internal cleanser. A natural repellant for unwanted visitors in the hair! Great to gargle for soothing the throat.


Natural antibiotic

I use this oil if we are facing an immune challenge as its researched to be very protective against viruses and bacteria. Use as a gargle or add a drop to a vegetable capsule and take internally. Cleansing to the gut for parasites and imbalance. Effective for veruccas and you can even use this to flavour your pasta! Always dilute this oil as it is considered a hot oil and will irritate the skin if used neat.

On Guard

The protective blend.

Use daily to support the immune system. Apply diluted to children’s feet every day to protect them (you can use more often if they are showing signs of being unwell) Diffuse to purify the air (it smells like Christmas!) This oil makes a lovey spicy addition to food and drinks such as spiced on guard popcorn and mulled juice and is a great natural surface cleaner.


The digestive blend

Supports and soothes the digestive system in numerous ways. For upper and lower digestive discomfort. Add a drop to water and sip, apply diluted to the tummy area, or inhale from the palms.


The respiratory blend

Supports the respiratory system and clear breathing. Useful for any congestion to open the airways. Diffuse or apply topically to the chest (dilute as suggested) or inhale. Truly beautiful

Deep Blue

The soothing blend

This is an oil to support the inflammatory response within the body and soothe any areas of pain. To be used topically (dilute as suggested)


The king of all oils

Known and researched for its cellular health benefits. Supports the inflammatory response within the body. A calming and grounding oil which promotes relaxation. This precious and prized oil for all ages can be a beautiful addition to your skincare regime. Researched to have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and support neurological health.

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