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The power of nature and community.

Blooming Together is a Devon based collective bringing you events to inspire and support an all-natural wellbeing and health journey.

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Essential Oils Workshop

Who We Are

Blooming Together is a Devon based collective bringing community together to inspire and support an all-natural wellbeing and health journey. 

Four friends + varying levels of ‘natural health’ (from mere aspiration to 100% natural family home) Our inspiration – the power of nature and the intention to lift and support others. A shared goal – to learn, live and share a more natural nourishing approach to our lives and those of others 

We co-run events focused around wellness incorporating DōTERRA essential oils, offering introductions, workshops and held space  for deepening your connection to nature and immersive experiences with ourother local practitioners. 

‘I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.’ —John Burroughs

Meet Our Team


Emily is mother of 4 and a long-time Doterra leader being a founder for the company in UK, with over 6 years experience empowering others to transform through holistic health guided and supported by plant wisdom.

A certified health coach and cacao facilitator, and simplicity parenting group leader she leads several thriving teams of wellbeing advocates and practitioners all over the world from her home in Dartmoor.


Sarah is a pioneering plant-based chef, incorporating essential oils in food and drink in delicious, innovative ways. Her food appears in The Hairy Barista, Totnes.

Sarah mum of three with a passion to live a natural lifestyle using nature’s tools and sharing those tools with others.


Dot is a weaver of people, ideas, spiritual connection and community. She holds space in different roles within the community and is well known for her warmth and creativity in supporting others to thrive.

Dot brings with her an extensive knowledge of holistic healthcare and emotional care, as well as her own experience as a mother of two beautiful children.


Steph moved from London to Devon a few years ago in search of community, nature and an easeful context for her practice.

She brings a passion for mindfulness and mediation and a down to earth approach to emotional and physical wellbeing.


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