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Does your heart tell you there might be another way you are supposed to live, work and lead your life?
A way that feels more attuned and exciting , a way that feels expansive and yet safe and a way that brings more abundance than you even knew was yours to claim ?

When you join the Spirit Ash team you are gifted the opportunity to dance a sacred dance of empowerment, embodiment and sistership, working with our sacred oils as magickal high frequency tools we use to create or enhance our own bespoke soul business. We will assist you to create whatever is in your heart to share with the world stitching together your unique gifts, passions and talents and sprinkling dōTERRA into that magickal mix so it feels really on purpose with what you are here to bring and is unique to you. Join a collective of light weavers who invite the world to heal one drop at a time by stepping into their power and their truth with mumma Gaia leading and supporting us each step of the way.

8 years ago I was just a mother, but a mother who had a vision and some big dreams.

I sought freedom and choice around our families healthcare so I could feel more ready and resourced for whatever life might deliver us. The business attracted me because of the potential to also create more financial security in our lives which I knew was our right, and something we should be able to have, but I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

I knew I felt alignment to the product, that the oils called me and I knew I could only share something I felt passionate about using myself. I could sense the spirit of the plants in these magickal glass bottles, like they awakened the wild within me and I trusted the invitation (even though it felt a little scary and unknown and I had never seen myself as a sales person) I didn’t really understand the network marketing model either but I trusted my intuition and decided to just feel into it and to begin the journey …

So with no previous experience in the essential oil field apart from my own I jumped into this adventure pulling on my heartstrings. I threw myself in and soaked up as much as I could, learning and expanding myself as dōTERRA so beautifully invites us to do. The more I learnt the more amazed I was at the power and the healing held in these gifts of the earth. It was easy to share them, I wanted to help people when they were stuck and I wanted to show people that Mother Nature she just knows… she always knows …

Did you know, Mother Nature also runs the best business ever and is a master CEO??? She is eternally productive and yet she runs her business with ease and flow and rest in between the inspired action…. this is how I have learnt to run my business and how I teach my team to run theirs. This is a gift which I feel all women, men and families deserve, and I have a sacred flame burning inside and a deep yearning to show people that it’s possible. The sacred feminine and the sacred masculine are within each of us and my work in dōTERRA is to help us to alchemise both energies and step into the priestesses (or priests) of this work so we can bring more healing, choice, autonomy, sovereignty and freedom to our lives and into the lives of others and what a powerful ripple that is.

8 years in and I have deep gratitude and reverence that I said yes to this calling…

The vision was and still is freedom. Health freedom, time freedom and financial freedom so I could afford what mattered most to me.

8 years on and our lives are very different. In 2020 (5 years into our dōTERRA business) we were able to move from London to Devon because we could work from anywhere in the world where we wanted and Devon felt like the perfect place for us. It was amazing to have crafted that freedom into our lives for our family. We have just opened the Spirit Ash studio in Ashburton (a beautiful town known as the gateway to wild Dartmoor) and we are here more committed than ever before to help our global team to create the freedom and abundance that they desire and deserve in their own lives, but not just as a sales person, (that’s the old way) our team lead their businesses as inspired business owners who are able to carve out a business around what their soul is calling them to birth. This my dears is dōTERRA 2.0…

dōTERRA has only been around for 15 years but is the largest essential oil company in the world for many reasons …

The product speaks and once people try these beautiful therapeutic grade essential oils they usually want to use them again and again. There is no comparable product on the market in terms of quality and transparency that offers the same value.

The figures speak. In network marketing there is an average retention rate of just 13%. In comparison the dōTERRA retention rate is 65% (meaning 65% of people buy the oils again in the first 3 months after initial purchase and 85% of people purchase again in the first year) this speaks volumes

The product caters for all ages and all needs. It’s not a one trick wonder. The plants are magickal and they are gods grace in a bottle and the life force of mother natures medicine cabinet, showing up for the healing of the world. Everyone needs the oils and everyone can benefit from their magic.

The ongoing education, research and support poured in from dōTERRA corporate means that people continue to use the oils and incorporate them into their wellness lifestyle for the rest of their lives safely and effectively and the research is growing and growing all of the time with more and more integration into the healthcare system combining old and new forms of medicine.

You are partnering with a company that has incredible vision, integrity, authenticity and heart. If supporting an ethical and fair trade company matters to you…you have come home. If partnering with a company that is on the rise and making waves in the healthcare arena matters to you… you are in the right place, and it’s just the beginning my loves.

The company is debt free and is revolutionising the healthcare industry, but the market is still very open and the saturation level is still very low. People are starting to understand about the power of essential oils and are more and more ready to try them, yet there are still so many people who are not using dōTERRA. So now is the perfect time to jump in and hold hands with us as awareness continues to grow around wellness and the need for alternative healthcare in greater than ever.

The dōTERRA compensation plan supports residual long lasting income. You can seriously dream bigger than you may have realised and you have the limitless potential to change your own life and your own finances significantly so you are free to do what you choose with your money and your time. The best thing about it is we rise by helping others…and it feels so good…

Changing the Paradigm of Money


These days I see money sadly in the hands of very few who don’t always make the best choices with what they do with it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring the power back into the hands of those who are ready to serve? 

How do we usually earn money?


Linear Income:

You earn money based on the work that you do and the time you put in and that’s it


Investment Income:

You may have savings, assets or money in property


Passive or Residual Income:

Network marketing fits into this category. This is a means to create income that is long lasting and has no cap. This model of earning means you reap the rewards long after you put in the initial work.


dōTERRA's Model

The power of network marketing and human connection in a distant disconnected world


Not only does network marketing help you to create a long term residual income that can provide for you and your family for many years, not only does it allow you to work from home around your life and priorities and be as successful as the amount of energy you choose put in. Not only can anyone rise up as high in the company ranks as they desire. But also in my opinion this business model will change the world. Why ? Because you can’t replace humans with robots, with computers, with AI technology. Network marketing is about bringing people together, around the dining room table, in circles or classes and something truly magickal happens when people gather that you simply cannot replicate …

The Model

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do to succeed is to help others

If you resonate with my story and want to start your own dōTERRA journey, then let’s have a chat.

Book in a call with me and we can navigate through your questions, ideas, through your fears and your dreams.

Average Earning Figures


monthly average

yearly average


£400 / €466

£4,800 / €5,600


£700 / €815

£8,400 / €9,800


£2,000 / €2,300

£24,000 / €28,000


£3,500 / €4,100

£42,000 / €49,000


£10,000 / €11,600

£120,000 / €140,000

Blue diamond

£15,000 / €17,000

£180,000 / €201,000

Pres. Diamond

Presidential diamond

£35,000 / €40,100

£420,000 / €490,000

A few questions you may want to consider…

Are you happy with where you are in your life right now? If nothing changes in the next few years will you feel fulfilled? Are you open-minded to exploring new and exciting possibilities that could be the vehicle for incredible change in your life ?

If your current income is capped and the earnings you receive solely based on the work you put in… but do you have higher expectations of what you’d like to create?

If either of the points above speak to you or land in your heart…

I take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about joining the Spirit Ash team today. With different options available there are opportunities to either cover the cost of having oils for free, support or even replace your income.

With minimal start-up costs all you will need to get started is some oils and we will show you the rest.


Schedule a call with me to see if you are a fit for the team and get all of your questions answered.



Don’t have oils yet? I will help you to purchase the oils you will need to get started to use yourself and as tools to begin your own soul aligned dōTERRA business.

Who we are…

When you get started as a wellness advocate through the Spirit Ash tribe you are supported not just by me but you become a loved member of an incredible heart centred visionary team who work as a collective lifting the vibration and shining their light to illuminate the path for others

My husband Tim and I are UK founders within dōTERRA and European leaders and we have so much value, love and support waiting for you to help you on your way

Once you fall in love with the oils (which is usually unavoidable as soon as you open the bottles!) it’s very easy to see how this could be something you see yourself sharing. It’s a natural human blueprint to want to help others…. and let’s face it… in todays world people are calling out for more solutions.. and you have a natural gift from Mother Nature to share…

Our team is here for the long run. We made a commitment 8 years ago and this work is more in our hearts than ever before. We want to see more and more women and men step back into their health and into their sovereign power claiming the autonomy in their lives that they deserve.

What We Won’t Do

  • We won’t make you into a boring annoying sales person.
  • We won’t make you hustle and feel pressurised to meet certain sales each month (unless you want to of course!).
  • We won’t encourage you step away from the truth of who you are
  • We won’t do it for you but we will hold your hand every step of the way

What We Will Do

  • We will help you to connect with your big dreams and who you are here to serve.

  • We will help you to get clear on your dream clients and their transformation that you can help facilitate.

  • If you have other work we will help you to weave dōTERRA in and around that work so it feels exciting and integral and easy to add in.

  • We will guide you around your branding and your message with expert trainings from our skilled experienced coaches.

  • We will help you to build your business in person and online.

  • We will help you to step into your innate power and eliminate the limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back your whole life.

This is Network Marketing done soulfully … this is dōTERRA 2.0

The Spirit Ash tribe could be what you’ve been searching for if…

You want to be part of something meaningful. Your heart is speaking to you to make a change in your life but you don’t know how.

You are interested in holistic health, in supporting the body naturally, avoiding chemicals and toxic overload and you want to live the high vibe life that makes you feel amazing. You would love to share this lifestyle with others. You may be spiritually curious or feel called to work more with plants

You are done with living life on other people’s terms. Constantly having to choose between what you truly want and what you feel tied to. You want to take back more control over the areas of your life that matter most to you. You know you deserve this.

You are ready to step up take action and in return you are ready to experience incredible growth.

You want to honour your sacred masculine and have an inner ambition and drive to jump in and get started in creating the life you deserve despite it being unknown. But you also want to honour the sacred feminine and do this with ease and flow and expansiveness that does not feel pushed.

You want MORE of what MATTERS! MORE freedom and the time to do MORE of what brings you joy, to do MORE of what MATTERS most to you and to spend MORE time with the people you care MOST about.

You want financial security that is long lasting and regular for yourself and your family doing work that lights up and feeds your soul.

You like to work on your own and also alongside others who share the same vision as you, as part of a team holding hands together as you walk the path towards your goals and support each other along the way.

You want to be part of a movement bigger than you, making a positive impact in the world that makes other people’s lives better.

Emily and Tim are magnetic and inspiring leaders who are tirelessly devoted to serving their team – it is humbling and enriching to be a part of the incredible community the have created. After meeting in winter of 2020, we have been working together since September 2021 – when the call of my heart to join their team could no longer be ignored.
If you want heart led, business smart leadership with a clear roadmap for success, look no further – you have found it! Spirit Ash encompasses everything you need – through their soulful guidance and your commitment your success will be inevitable – truly the most incredible people and a lighthouse for our times. Thank you Emily & Tim – I love working with you x

Dot Moorhouse

When I discovered doTERRA, I’d say it was a happy accident, I was searching for something to help improve my son’s health…. And boy did I find that!

I already knew Emily and Tim, so it was an easy decision for me to go straight into sharing the oils, working with them and treating doTERRA as a business, I didn’t really stop to consider it to be honest!!

Here I am almost 8 years later, and I can’t really describe how grateful I am to this business. I feel like a completely different person now. I live with a purpose and a passion, with a very strong community around me that I wouldn’t swap for the world.

Emily and Tim are so much more than my uplines, they are my close friends! We have worked, learned, grown, laughed, loved and created together for many years. I’m beyond grateful for this journey. It has changed my life for the better and for ever.

We are strong together, and Emily and Tim have taught me to be strong on my own too!

Bring on the next chapter ✨✨✨✨ with ease and grace.

Kathy Kinnersly

When you join our awesome tribe we will support you to…

Find your inner happy and let go of ego or what no longer serves you as you create the space for what matters to you most.

Step into personal leadership (of yourself first) and as your confidence and vision expands, to embrace guiding others along the same journey.

Give the gift of healing and wellness to the people you care about as you empower yourself and many others.

Create freedom for yourself on many levels including health freedom, time freedom and financial freedom along with an inner sense of purpose and satisfaction that is invaluable.

Be your own boss and the architect of your own life and your own destiny so you can focus on the things that truly matter to you and align with your values.

Carve out a business that is soulful, joyful, rewarding and exciting using your unique skills and your own creative expression.

Create the flexibility you need to work from home or wherever suits you and choose your own hours.

Join a team that is like a family and will be there for you from the start. We hold hands as we show up in our fullness and rise up to the highest versions of ourselves.

I wanted to be mumma and business woman at the same time and this business means I can

Would you like to take a walk through what joining our tribe would look like and what you will receive?

Book in a call with me and we can navigate through your questions, ideas, through your fears and your dreams.

In joining our Spirit Ash tribe you will receive so much in terms of support to help you rock your business and turn your dreams into your reality

Included in what you will receive will be

A 1 hour introductory business “disco” chat with me.

Regular 1 on 1 dream weaving calls for those who enrol with me during their first 90 days, then ongoing mentoring check ins dependant on goals and desired level of growth.

Access to soulful business advice from both Tim and myself via what’s app business for those wanting to go fast (within working hours).

Access to the spirit ash tribe App for continued oil education and learning including weekly trainings and ongoing product learning and inspiration.

Access to the Spirit Ash tribe apprentice academy team App for ongoing business training and support – The Academy

Complete series of getting started trainings and tutorials for those starting out in this field to learn the basics of this business in their own time.

Access to the Spirit Ash tribe what’s app community and Facebook groups for continued customer and business support.

Access to closed team pages for ready made business material and resources.

Access to a regular virtual Oil Camp programme to provide high level customer support to new customers and team members

Access to your own dōTERRA website and free membership to One drop designs for high resolution oil images that you can share from the start so you have a platform to get your business moving with a professional vibe straight away

Opportunities to attend live trainings, events and team meet ups over cacao or chai (find your tribe and love them hard!) plus access to our teams chosen ceremonial cacao to weave intention and plant magic into your cauldron.

Specialist coaching to support you with planning your month in life and work wrapped around the wheel of the year and natures festivals alongside your own priorities so your work feels spacious and non overwhelming but also super productive and heartlead.

Access to a premium rate essential oil helpline for quick guidance around essential oil application for you and to support your customers.

Group mentoring and coaching with an expert team to help you to market yourself and your brand in a soulful aligned way with practical tools to help you build and advertise your business online and in person.

Are you feeling excited about all the possibilities of what you have the potential to create?

Are you Ready to Dream Weave?

I’ve been into essential oils for a long time. Since being introduced to the oils, I quickly wanted to be a part of the business side and I have been on a ride ever since! I have been immersed in interesting chats, where people are supported with their questions, I have read and learnt so many interesting and important facts about the healing powere of doeterra oils, but most of all, I feel I have entered a family, a sisterhood, a tribe, that has a tried and tested platform for success and I can’t wait to get fully immersed in It so i can grow and touch people’s lives. Although I am at the beginning of my journey, I have a great feeling about this path I am now walking.

Syreeta Davis

I was so excited when I discovered the oils and this opportunity, but I was also a little nervous… that’s ok… We all start somewhere and we will help you.

As soon as I started using the oils I knew instantly that these magickal glass bottles were something that people needed to know about, beautiful healing tools that were asking to be shared. But I felt nervous around how I would start sharing them and about joining a company like dōTERRA … it was all new to me and I was a little anxious, but I listened to the calling and followed my intuition and I’m so glad I did

Over the years I have seen these oils and this work transform not only our own life but also the lives of thousands of others. I realise that these gifts needs to be shared, but not just the oils … it’s the business too that I am super passionate about sharing because it’s beautiful. In a similar way to the oils this buisiness is pure, it’s potent and it’s soul lead, heart centred work. Helping people to live happier, healthier more abundant, sparkly lives is truly an honour and one I will never tire of. Its a gift to be joined by a sisterhood of other light workers who have also heard the call and stepped into their hearts. We are here to welcome you on board and help you create the freedom and the abundance that you deserve and to have fun along the way.

With the arms of our hearts stretched out really wide we would love to welcome you into the Spirit Ash Tribe!

Let’s create the magic your heart is calling for you to manifest … 

With so much love,

Emily and Tim Macarenhas

DōTERRA Blue diamonds and UK founders and founders of Spirit Ash and the Spirit Ash studio in Devon

Network marketing… is it a Pyramid Scheme ?

Well my dears, dōTERRA is most definitely not a pyramid scheme but the structure of the work means you can rise up as high in the company as you desire depending on what you choose, you are at the top of your own business, I see you at the top of your own tree. But as much as I Iove Egyptian pyramids dōTERRA is not a pyramid scheme because it is essentially a product based business. Pyramid schemes had no product and were actually eventually banned. In dōTERRA you earn commissions by sharing/selling oils and your earn extra commissions from supporting your team. That’s it… no pyramids … it’s called network marketing and it’s about bringing people together through word of mouth and being paid commissions when people order. It’s simple and actually rather beautiful.

Most people who hold a dōTERRA account are actually just customers but for those who are interested in sharing the oils and making a side stream to cover the cost of their own purchases, to support their income or even to replace their income there is the business option. And now more than ever I am passionate about sharing the business option because I see this business as a hugely integral and powerful vehicle for change in the world. In this work we rise up by helping others. Tim and I and our team will show you how to do all of this.

I was a little sceptical to begin I must admit. I didn’t understand the power of network marketing and I wasn’t really sure if it was my vibe. I didn’t really see myself as a sales person (infact I still don’t) but I knew I have always been good at sharing what I’m passionate about. The point is that the oils do a very good job at sharing themselves

Why begin a journey with dōTERRA?

Perhaps you are tired of your work or feel stuck in your current situation? Perhaps it doesn’t feel in alignment with who you are now? Perhaps you aren’t earning what you need to live the life you would wish for and would like to do something to help make ends meet. Maybe you would like to have more time with your family and to be able to fill your week doing more of what lights you up. Perhaps you know there’s more for you …

I dream of helping more women , men and families to rise up as the CEOs, priestesses or priests in their own lives doing work that feels purposeful and abundant. And I know we should have the opportunity to craft this alongside being home, being a mumma/wife/husband and around our families. Why can’t we have both … well my dears we can

It may take a little time and your journey will most definitely be your own one, but depending on your own dreams we will sit down with you and listen to what you want to create, how much time you have to give and we will help you to craft a business that is woven around what feeds your soul and is in your heart. We will support you and cheer you on and welcome you into a beautiful supportive community of women (and some men) who are here to watch you rise up and celebrate you … we will guide you, train you and lead you as step by step you become the leader of your own life …

Are You ready to chat about this and create with us?

Don’t  have oils yet? 

I suggest starting with the Home essentials kit which is the kit most of our team begin with (including me). You can purchase the kit below, but make sure to also schedule a call with me!

You are partnering with a company that has incredible vision, integrity, authenticity and heart. If supporting an ethical and fair trade company matters to you…you have come home. If partnering with a company that is on the rise and making waves in the healthcare arena matters to you… you are in the right place, and it’s just the beginning my loves.

Home Essentials Kit



Wholesale Price

The Home essentials kit would be a good one to go for, as it contains the 10 core oils that you would definitely use for all aspects of health and is a great natural toolkit, plus you’d get the free diffuser. This kit is the most popular starter kit and the kit I started with. 

Essential Oils (15 mL): Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint

Essential Oil Blends: doTERRA Air® (15 mL), Deep Blue® (5 mL), doTERRA On Guard® (15 mL), ZenGest® (15 mL)

Other Products: Petal Diffuser, Essentials Booklet

Natural Soluitons Kit


468.5 PV

Wholesale Price

The Natural Solutions Kit essentials kit an amazing kit for those wanting to get started quickly as it contains the core oils but also an array of other amazing oils and products that they will want to be trying and using ready to share with others. This magicka kit also offers even greater value and savings plus the opportunity to receive 100 free points back to spend on whatever they choose for their business in the month after enrolling (that’s around £100 cash back to use on product for yourself/your business)

Essential Oils (15mL): Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Wild Orange

Essential Oil Blends (15 mL): doTERRA Air®, AromaTouch®, doTERRA Balance®, doTERRA On Guard®, PastTense®, doTERRA Serenity®, ZenGest®

OnGuard® Collection: OnGuard Beadlets, OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash & Two, Dispensers, OnGuard Softgels, OnGuard Whitening Toothpaste

Other Products: doTERRA Air™ Vapour Stick, Correct-X®, ZenGest TerraZyme®, Deep Blue® Rub, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lumo Diffuser, PB Assist+®, doTERRA Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo, doTERRA Salon Essentials® Smoothing Conditioner, doTERRA Essentials Booklet, Lifelong Vitality Pack® (Available in Vegan), Wooden Box

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