Welcome to the Therapy Space

This is a healing space for you to receive, held by the sanctuary of the Spirit Ash Studio. 
All of our therapists are qualified practitioners, gifted in their arts. 
From massage to reiki, reflexology to ceremonial tattoo to counselling, we offer a collection of magickal treatments and host a magickal faculty of practitioners ready to share their expertise and skills.
Meet them below, and enquire further through clicking on their links. You’ll see their social media channels (if relevant) are also included.
Enjoy discovering the wonderful array of healing therapies available at Spirit Ash, we can’t wait to welcome you soon. 


4 Station Yard, Ashburton, TQ13 7EF

Meet our Therapists

Alice Boydell

Alice Boydell

Ink Alchemy Tattoo Art

:Alice has been hand-poke tattooing for 7 years and specialises in bespoke designs co-created with you to honour and celebrate you and your journey. She is passionate about making the tattooing journey an empowering and magical experience creating an environment that is calm, nurturing and lovingly held. Each tattoo is poked with intention and care so that it may carry an energy of loving protection with you for the rest of your life.
Instagram: @the.ink.alchemist
Charli Van Ness

Charli Van Ness

Clarity + Calm Wellbeing Treatment | Freedom Movement Therapy |<br /> Womb Mandala Healing (1:1) | Yoga Tuition (Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Rhythm, AcroYoga, Contemporary Astanga)

Charli teaches to the community of all ages, especially to those who are suffering, wanting to create life, find acceptance with death, transformation and find wholeness within.

Speciality Areas ; Children- Neurodiversity, Trauma, Grief. Adults- Palliative, Acceptance with Death + Women’s Wellness.
07377 084 166
Instagram: @charlivanness

Steph Pickerill

Steph Pickerill

Psychotherapist, MA, UKCP Trainee

I offer support and understanding to people struggling in all sorts of ways and I believe everyone has a unique healing journey. I work with people experiencing stress, loss, depression, anxiety, and the many ways mental health can impact day to day life. I am a UKCP trainee psychotherapist working towards qualification in Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapy.
Turiya  Ma | Dartmoor Rose

Turiya Ma | Dartmoor Rose

Certified Hridaya Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Healing Therapist & Rose Lineage Guide

Swedish Massage Therapy (60mins) Relax your Physical Body with this hour-long nourishing oil-based massage. 

Energy Healing Therapy (60mins) Unblock stagnancy in your Energy Body with this hand-off Therapy. 

Ayurvedic Marma Therapy (90mins) Allow Prana to more freely flow through your energetic channels with this modality of acupressure.

Deep Release Therapy (90mins) Opening a Channel to Spirit, this Therapy invites you into a Unique & Intuitive Healing Container. 

Read more about all therapies here: https://www.dartmoor-rose.com/healing 
Email: dartmoor_rose_therapies@gmail.com
Instagram: @Dartmoor_rose  

Abbie | Rooted In Peace

Abbie | Rooted In Peace

Holistic Massage & Fascia Bodywork

In Abbie’s treatments she uses Holistic Massage and Fascia bodywork to ease tension, stress, anxiety and pain, and support your health.
She offers space and ease to the body and mind through meeting each individual client where they are at and using specific fascia techniques.Her treatments are designed to empower you and encourage your body to find its own healing wisdom and to restore healthier functions.
Email: rootedinpeace@proton.me
Instagram: @rootedinpeace

Looking for a special space to hire?

A beautiful space to host your bespoke therapies, nestled within the Spirit Ash Studio, where your clients can easily access pure drinking water & teas, test some divine oils, have a cacao nibble, and maybe even take a class alongside your therapy! The opportunities abound here.
The room itself has a sofa and chair, a table and shelving. There is WiFi access, low-lit lighting if preferred, an oil diffuser, incense…

We encourage you to get in touch with us below, to inquire further.

Prices: £12.50/hour

The Therapy Space

Our beautiful and light therapy room offers a tranquil serene space for therapists to practice their art. From massage to reiki, reflexology to ceremonial tattoo to counselling, we offer a collection of magickal treatments and host a magickal faculty of practitioners ready to share their expertise and skills.

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