200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course

*Registration is now open*
commencing this Autumn here at Spirit Ash Studio!

Do you love Yoga and wish to take your practice to another level, understand yoga in depth and learn more about its mystical science?
Find your own inner ‘heart shine’ and lead from your heart?
Charli Van Ness, together with Spirit Ash Studio, and guest teachers, have co-created this truly unique course, that is suitable for beginners and practitioners alike! Charli has been leading independent training courses since 2007, and has also collaborated with Studios, such as The Shala London and Very Yoga Reigate. 


‘The light that yoga sheds on life is something special. 
It is transformative, it does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees’.

BKS Iyengar

Open Evening & Day

Open Evening:
7.30-9.30pm Tuesday 26th March ‘Gentle Healing Yoga Class’ with Charli followed by Chat & Chai Q&A on the forthcoming 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Open Day:
9am-12pm Wednesday 27th March
Join Charli in her Vinyasa and YinYang Yoga classes followed by Chat&Chai Q&A on the forthcoming 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course.

‘This Yoga Teacher Training programme with Charli and her team is, without a doubt one of the best things I’ve done in my life. It has been incredibly unique, empowering and transformational in learning the art of teaching Yoga. Charli is an incredible person, teacher trainer and mentor. She radiates love and joy and is so very inspirational, warm and nurturing and always leading from the heart. Charli and her team of faculty members are all extremely knowledgable in their respective fields and as a team they bring good balance of teaching styles, wisdom, insight and compassion to the programme. The content of this programme is fascinating, varied and thorough and the small group sizes mean that students get personal attention in building their foundation to teach safely and confidently. It has been a true privilege to have had the opportunity to train with Charli and her team. My most heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for me.’

Saara Vance - 200hrs Graduate


This September Spirit Ash Studio and Charli Van Ness (Senior E-RYT-500hrs, RYS200hrs, YACEP Provider) are opening their doors to the community to inspire, empower, enrich, transform and educate individuals to learn how to teach Yoga, either for their own self development or as a profession. This is a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course spread over a 9 month period delivering a fresh, unique & a creative approach to yoga.

We have created a Yoga Alliance 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course to help others find their own unique style of teaching rather than following a set format & structure specifically, to encourage freedom, creativity and intuition to their classes and self development.

This is a unique ‘heart based’ training course. The core essence to the training is to allow the individual to remain true to their essence in teaching yet provide them with a vast and diverse set of tools to choose from to help create their own way and lead their own light from their hearts. We are unique beings and deserve to be celebrated for our own individual beauty. Our 200hrs Foundation Level Teacher Training Course is for ‘real people with real bodies’

No matter what your age, size or level of ability, we welcome you all to be a part of this magical journey of self discovery and growth to expand your light to share with others.

Whether you are a regular practitioner of yoga looking to learn more about this ancient practice or are a registered yoga teacher already working in the industry this course can accommodate you all.

‘Charli encourages every student to bring out their own unique teaching style, in a nurturing environment. Her teaching style and support, both on the course and after completion is exemplary. It is the best decision I could have made and the YTT has been transformational, truly life changing. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Charli and her faculty.’

Namaste 🙂 Francesca Deith 200hrs Graduate

Want to know more?

We are holding Open Day/Evening Sessions for you to join one of Charli’s classes followed by Open Q&A regarding the 200hrs Teacher Training Course. See details above.

We also offer Payment Plans, Early Bird Discounts (Payment in full by 1st May 2024) and we award an Ambassador Scholarship to 1 Applicant per course. 

Please email Charli directly to receive the brochure here: charlivanness@gmail.com or call here here: 07377 084 166

Charli Van Ness

Lead Teacher + Course Director
Charli teaches Classes, Workshops, Teacher Trainings Retreats to the community of all ages, especially to those who are vulnerable or in recovery. She is an E-RYT 500hrs Yoga Teacher, runs her own RYS 200hrs Teacher Training School and collaborates with the Shala School of Yoga on our 200-hour Teacher Training Course for those wishing to become teachers or for self development. Being a YACEP Provider, Charli also runs short CPD Courses – KulaKids Teacher Training, Padme Humm Sound Healing CPD Training + Women’s Wellbeing CPD Training. Charli is in absolute JOY when sharing her healing modality ‘Sound Energy Medicine’ (VibroAcoustic Therapy) + Womb Mandala Healing delivered in Groups, Privately + to accompany Art Therapy and Massage Therapists in Treatments.

Crissy Soanes

Guardian Elder – Bringing emotional support and care to the teacher trainees
Crissy has been involved in the health & wellbeing industry for most of her life. She has been in fitness and wellbeing since 1979 running her own beauty & holistic business since 1987 and teaching Yoga since 2002. Her incredible journey has taken her worldwide, where she has had the pleasure of teaching and gaining wisdom from great masters. Her mission is to pass on her knowledge and wisdom to others to care for and enhance their lives. She was inspired to seek guidance in the ‘Ancient Health Systems’ after raising 3 children, looking after 5 grandchildren and working through family tragedies. Through much adversity, she tries to have a positive outlook and a belief that happiness and peace equates to good health.

Qualifications: Yoga Training; British Wheel of Yoga (2002), Sivananda Teacher Training (2003), Yoga Rhythm Foundation Level 200hrs (2008), Yoga Nidra (2018). All of the above included A&P, Meditation is & Mindfulness. Fitness & Nutrition Training; Slimnastics (1979), Optimum Nutrition (Dr Patrick Holford), Holistic & Beauty Therapy Training; ITEC Aesthetician (A&P included) (1987), ITEC Physiatrics (1988), Aromatherapy Massage (1991), Reiki Master Healing (2002), Thai Yoga Massage (2006), Reflexology (2007), Indian Head Massage (2010), Thermo-Auricular Therapy (2010), Animal Healing Therapy (2010), Sound Energy Medicine (VibroAcoustic Therapy) (2018).

‘Wisdom, Knowledge, Fun, Community, Self development, Career, Enlightenment, Music, Nature, Nurture. Just Being. I am so grateful for this journey from training with Charli back in 2014 to now being a part of the faculty for her 200hrs training officially acting as the ‘Guardian Elder’ offering emotional support, love and care to the students. Love the community spirit this training and beyond brings’. Crissy

‘Using the words of Meggan Roxanne ‘Who I was at the beginning of the year, is nothing compared to who I am now. Thank god for growth and self love and all the opportunities that arose directly after I reminded myself of who I am and what I deserve’ This teacher training course has been that opportunity and it has reminded me over and over again of the beauty, light and potential we each hold whilst equipping me at the same time to go out and safely teach yoga’.

Emma Maltby, 200hrs Graduate


Module 1 : ‘Finding your Feet’ : The Fundamentals | Saturday 22nd + Sunday 23rd : 9am-6pm

Module 2 : ‘Creative You’ : Choreography & Transition | Monday 24th September : 11am-6pm

Module 3 : ‘Rise & Shine’ : Salutations | Saturday 12th + Sunday 13th October : 9am-6pm

Module 4 : ‘Living Yoga’ : Philosophy | Monday 14th October : 11am-6pm

Module 5 : ‘Mindscape’ : Meditation, Nidra & Nada Yoga | Saturday 23rd + Sunday 24th November : 9am-6pm

Module 6 : ‘Optimum Body’ : Digestion & Detoxification | Saturday 7th + Sunday 8th December : 9am-6pm



Module 7 : ‘Living in Your Power’ : Authentic You | Saturday 5th January : 9am-6pm

Module 8 : ‘Compassion. Humility. Always’ : Philosophy | Sunday 26th January : 9am-6pm

Module 9 : ‘Realign my Spine’ : Brain & Spine | Saturday 1st February + Sunday 2nd February : 9am-6pm

Module 10 : ‘True Essence’ : Vinyasa Flow | Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th March : 9am-6pm

Module 11 : ‘Energy Balancing’ : Yoga Science | Saturday 19th + Sunday 20th April : 9am-6pm


Theory Assessment | Monday 21st April : 11am-6pm

Practical + Theory Assessment, Anatomy Pop Quiz + Integration | Saturday 3rd + Sunday 4th May : 9am-6pm

Celebration Graduation + Certificate Ceremony | Monday 5th May : 11am-6pm


‘The Yoga Rhythm teacher training programme, run by Charli Sparks, left me fully prepared to teach, having expanded my understanding of both myself and the fullness of yoga more than I would have ever believed possible. Charli’s classes are small, quality driven and focus entirely on developing you into a confident teacher. I would highly recommend this course, over and above other courses that I am familiar with from personal research and the testimonials of others. A truly rewarding experience, I went straight into teaching and feel confident and enriched. Thankyou Charli and Yoga Rhythm’. 

Sally Harper 200hrs Graduate

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