Ayurveda Teas for Autumn

During this windy cooler “Vata” time of year, I thought it would be nice to include some tea recipes to help you to stay hydrated and moist.

Staying well-hydrated is critical to health. Sufficient hydration keeps the circulatory system working well, aids the digestive process, and provides for cooling. Water is the ultimate healthy beverage—low calorie, too!—but not everyone enjoys plain water. Tea makes an ideal alternative.

Tea is a natural beverage, made from leaves or other plant parts. Many herbs, seeds, fruits, and similar items can be used to create different flavors and achieve various health benefits.

The Rasa tea is a nourishing tea that helps build all the vital fluids of the body. This will help with hydration as well as circulation of the blood and support proper functioning of all body organs and systems. Your skin will be moister and your whole body cooler when you incorporate this tea on a regular basis.

Two Chai recipes are offered, one spicy tea for Vata and Kapha dosha and one more mild and cooling version for Pitta. Chai supports digestion and circulation and is great for times when you want a flavorful and spicy tea.


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