My Love Affair With Ceremonial Cacao

Over the last few years I have found myself having a love affair with ceremonial cacao. I would say that mamma cacaos heart opening medicine has lead to many changes in our lives. I believe she lead us on our rewinding adventure to Devon where we find ourselves so settled and grounded… almost like we have been here before and have come home. 

As we move back into a sense of more rhythm after the holidays it can sometimes mean we find ourselves feeling scattered and misaligned. Consider incorporating ceremonial cacao into your daily routine as an mindful practice to help reignite your inspiration, find your inner creativity, passion for life and to connect you with your heart and with mother nature. 

Cacao, an ancient medicine offers natural stress relief triggering neurotransmitters that help us to feel blissed out and loved up with life. She energises our being (theobromine offers a steady energy lift without the spike or crash of coffee) Cacao’s potent medicine allows release of serotonin as well as being rich in magnesium and triptophan (balancing our brain chemistry which also helps us to sleep better at night) 

Form a direct relationship with mumma cacao and learn to work with her as a plant and as a teacher to support you on your journey.

The ceremonial cacao I use is from Forever Cacao. I highly recommend and my daily ceremonial dose at noon is a very special window of my day. 

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