Low-Tox Laundry Softener

My kitchen doesn’t have much work surface left these days!

Lots of jars of whole foods, sourdough starters, fermented vegetables, etc, etc (luckily my husband humours me). My kitchen represents the life we choose for our family in many ways, and the kitchen is definitely the hub in our home with 4 growing children who seem to constantly need to eat.

For me, my kitchen is also my playground. It’s fun trying out new things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t (let me tell you I’ve tried so many things that were epic fails), but it’s okay to fail. It’s all learning and it’s all good if you enjoy the learning. So fail forwards people!

Here’s my low-tox laundry softener. It’s literally white vinegar in an old repurposed coconut oil jar and just add in your empties to infuse your own alchemy. Then you’ll add a splash into the fabric conditioner, pull out the drawer of your washing machine, or even directly onto the load and see how this is such a cool and simple hack. I also use the DōTERRA On Guard laundry detergent (up to 64 loads of chemical-free washing in one bottle!)

I love these easy hassle-free solutions for low-tox living. Plus think about how much cheaper this will cost you per load? Not to mention the chemicals you’ll be avoiding in laundry detergent and fabric conditioners that claim to smell like a wildflower garden. You’ll be saving the pennies when you make the switch and you’ll be happy to know you are also supporting your family’s health in such a blissful and rewarding way.

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