Elderberry Rob

with On Guard

This week I foraged elderberries and made them into an immune-boosting elderberry Rob (spiced elderberry syrup)


After I had washed and removed the berries from their stalks I covered them with water and brought them to a gentle simmer. Once the liquid had decreased enough to form a thicker liquid I strained the berries and added half a pot of raw local honey. I then added 2-3 drops of my on guard essential oil to flavour and decanted into bottles with pippetes.


The children love a squirt in their mouth every morning to keep them strong, and I am so pleased with the finished product because I have enough to use throughout the winter months to look after us all. I also used the pulp and combined it with strawberries and apple in my vitamix and a little maple syrup and then dehydrated to make fruit leather for the children’s packed lunches…. really simple and no waste … the witch of the woods will be happy 🌿

People have used elderberry for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Elderberry, (known as the witch of the woods) contains powerful antioxidants and high amounts of vitamin C. Used to boost the immune system and with an extra boost from the essential oils.

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