Hold Them Close

Simplicity parenting encourages us as individuals and as parents to ask oursleves “is the way I am living my life aligned with my deepest values?

Offering simple steps to help us strengthen that alignment based on valuing nature and simplicity and a deeper connection with each other.

When we value the importance of the environment, gentle rhythm and simple daily activities we can simplify our lives and the environment in which we raise our children in, and everyone will benefit. 

This autumn as we move back into more normality after the expansiveness of summer I plan to resist the temptation to fill up the diary too much. Too many extra curricular activities and packed weekends with no family down time will always leave us depleted, tired and usually agitated often with each other. In an world where childhood is flooded with too much, too fast and too soon we can choose a simpler, more connected, whole and heartfelt family life. 

Simplicity gives children the ease they need to realign with themselves, their age and their own world as opposed to the adult world. 

Kim John Payne who wrote the book simplicity parenting (highly recommended)  says 

“there is no such thing as a disobedient child, just a disorientated one”  – Kim John Payne

Sometimes when energies are high as parents we can forget this and when are tired it’s easy to get triggered… I try to remember this when life becomes challenging (trying to get out of the door on the school run for example when no one can find their shoes… oh my…pass the balance oil please!! ) 

Bring them close 

Weave time into the week that feels different to everyday life. Go for an autumn nature walk, bring our artwork and paints, make playdoh (scented with essential oils for that extra sensory magic) start a nature project, read together, cuddle up with a family film or find some way to have one on one time. This will help your children and the whole family to feel calm, connected and safe. 

The amygdala is the ancient part of the brain associated with smell. Use aroma with your children to help them associate a certain smell with safety and stability. This is a wonderful nurturing way to help a child to connect with their feelings, their emotions and navigate their way through some big feelings that they may not be able to yet express. 

This Kid's Collection Can Help With Your Child's Development Also!

I am proud to be an affiliate for the Green Parent. A beautiful magazine that you can subscribe to each month using my link… I love to take some me time to sit down with a cup of cacao or herbal tea and digest everything on the pages… so much I align with as a green parent (use code EMILY).


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