Ayurveda This Autumn

Many of you will know I am mid-learning to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. I adore learning more about this ancient wisdom that speaks to my soul. Each month I will share snippets with you as I learn as well as learnings from my other qualifications and passions such as my health coaching, simplicity parenting and cacao facilitation.

Ayurveda considers a seasonal routine to be a significant aspect of year-round health. 

Autumn, typically a Vata season, being often dry, windy, erratic and cool. In nature, it is a time for transition as the trees quietly shed their dead leaves and undress in preparation for winter.  

Prana (life force energy) is abundant yet we can often feel exposed and disorientated by so much new movement and change in our lives. Alternatively, you could find yourself infused with possibility knowing that you too can shed the layers of what no longer serves you in your life and start over. 

Ayurveda follows the principle that opposites balance, so at this cooler time it is supportive of our state to nourish our internal and external bodies with warmth, love and grounding. I must admit I am looking forwards to a sense of grounding and the safety of a little more routine. By making small changes to our lifestyle choices in this way at each seasonal transition we can maintain a safe sense of equilibrium throughout the year.


Your diet, I believe to be the most powerful way to soothe and nourish your body with what it needs every single day. At this time of year we usually call for less raw and cold foods. Oily, nourishing, warm and moist foods, high in protein and containing the good quality fats will be very stabilising and soothing. Bring these dishes to life with stimulating warming spices and serve them warm. This will help maintain your reserves of moisture in this dry cool season and keep you feeling grounded. 

Eating in tune with what the Earth provides us during each season of the year is a simple way to listen to Mother Earths’ wisdom. Apples, pears, root vegetables, soups and berries are here for us. Sometimes we literally don’t need to look any further than outside our front doors… nature is so giving when we open up our eyes to her offerings.


An effective way to support your wellbeing at this time of year is through incorporating a daily routine and in doing the same things at similar times each day as much as possible. Waking up, exercising, meditating, eating meals, going to bed at roughly the same time each day so your body knows what to expect and is not thrown off kilter. It’s not always possible but we can set intentions to do this where possible and forgive ourselves and be kind to ourselves when we can’t… sometimes a simple intention is so much more powerful than we realise.


To calm the nervous system, awaken tissues and ground your energies massage your skin (in Ayurveda we call it abhyanga) before or after a shower with warm carrier oil infused with your favourite essential oil (see further down in this email on using ravintsara oil for self-massage).

Benefits of Abhyanga

  • Improved circulation, strength, vision and stamina.
  • Increased moisture for softer skin.
  • Improved texture, tone and overall skin appearance.
  • Strengthened bodily tissues, lubrication of internal organs, bones and joints.
  • Better sleep and overall health.

My favourite body oil for ease currently is the DōTERRA beautiful hydrating mist as it’s so simple to apply and spray onto any part of the body and it literally infuses your being with body beautiful vibes.


This autumn I am looking forwards to warm and grounding practices. I have found a local hot yoga studio near me and I shall be popping along each week with my yoga mat to stretch, sweat, build stamina and focus as I connect with my body and my breath.

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